Written by: Social Media Director

Between our coffee breaks and Zoom meetings, we’re constantly searching for ways to strengthen our social media skills here at LMC. Our rad squad is always on the hunt for the latest social media trends, strategies and any information that will keep us sharp.

Recently, the Social Media Department gals took the plunge and began the Facebook Blueprint Course to become Facebook Blueprint certified, and not surprisingly – passed with flying colors.

Essentially, we’re social media superstars – and have the certificates to prove it.

But really, what does this mean? Let us explain.

What is Facebook Blueprint?
Blueprint is Facebook’s resource guide to provide modular learning for individuals who want to develop a strong foundation around its advertising platform and user base.
The Facebook Blueprint certification exams are targeted to digital marketers looking to be proficient in using Facebook advertising services across platforms. There are 8 certifications you can take through Facebook. Visit the Facebook Blueprint website to learn more about the specific levels that set users apart from others in the social media marketing field.

Why are we taking this?
The Facebook Blueprint Certification is the only accredited certification on Facebook advertising recognized by the industry, which means having these credentials looks pretty dang good for the LMC team.

But on a serious note – with Facebook changing so often, it’s important for us to learn all the ins-and-outs of the popular platform, especially since so many of our clients use it to connect with their community and audience. How could we not take this opportunity to up our Facebook game?

How will this help our clients?
The more we know and continue to learn about social media strategies, the better results for clients and their audience.

With skills learned from the first Facebook Blueprint certification, we can better understand Facebook Business Suite and Ads Manager, which in turn has helped with reaching clients’ ideal audiences. With this knowledge, we have been able to pinpoint our exact audiences, objectives and determine creative for ads and social posts that correlate with our clients’ business goals.

By having these additional skills and credentials, we feel more confident than ever navigating our clients’ social media platforms. Having this newfound knowledge can also help us pitch new ideas, enhance current strategies, and better sort out what is and isn’t working for our clients.

There is so much to learn as social media marketing is an ever-evolving industry. But luckily for our clients, we’re dedicated to grabbing every learning opportunity that comes our way.

As we say, here at LMC – Always Be Learning.