Written by: Social Media Director

One of the reasons I love social media is that it’s always changing and evolving.

It’s so captivating trying to keep up with the latest trends. Even though some trends seem to change by the day, some of the bigger trends stick around and really set a tone for users—and marketers. There is no doubt the amount of users online day in and day out is only continuing to climb. So, to stay ahead of the game, marketers need to check in with what we’re going to continue to see take flight in 2022. Keep reading to see my predictions for the coming year … 

Bite-Sized – Oh, and Vertical!

If we’ve learned anything in the world of social media, it’s that people want their content and they want it now! And platforms have been adapting rapidly in the past few years to make sure consumers are able to absorb as much content as they possibly can as fast as they possibly can. Social media giant, TikTok, is ABSOLUTELY the perfect example of this. TikTok is like a bag of potato chips—you can’t just watch one video and that’s exactly what the platform is known for.

This time last year I started making noise about expanding our clients’ strategic social media plans to include TikTok and when I tell you eyes rolled in the conference room … But here we are a year later with several clients on TikTok and more on the way and this type of content isn’t going anywhere. Especially with the addition of Instagram, and now Facebook, to include Reels. 

This short-form content is the perfect way to immerse your audience. This autumn, one of our client’s TikTok took off and got over 700,000 views (I literally cannot stop bragging about it) and not only did we see a massive amount of likes on that video BUT we were seeing new followers who would watch that video then click to our page and scroll through and like our existing videos. And on top of that you ask? Our client saw an increase in website traffic! 

Keeping up with this content in the coming year for all your platforms is going to keep your content competitive and captivating. 


Follow the Trends

By now the entire LMC office (and let’s be honest, my friends and family) are so over hearing me say the words, “So, there’s this trend on TikTok … ” but I can promise you that’s not going to end ANY TIME soon! 

Brands have been absolutely dominating the social media scene when it comes to staying on-trend. And I’m not just talking about starting their TikTok account or Instagram story takeovers, I’m talking about really immersing their brand in these hot, viral moments with short shelf lives. The first being the latest trending audio clips on TikTok and Reels. 

These clips trend for a few weeks max before the next funny one grabs users’ attention. We watch content creators use these small audio clips of songs, conversations from TV shows, or all sorts of media and recreate them with their own unique twist. Using these viral audio clips not only promotes your creativity for how you use that sound, it also gives you a higher chance of going viral and expanding your brand even further. 

Keeping up with trending pop culture moments also will be setting your brand apart from the rest. If you see your audience is buzzing about a topic, in particular, cashing in on that excitement is like a free piece of content just dreamed up for you by your target audience. You are showing your audience that you care about what they care about, making them feel closer to your brand. And since you know it’s something they already love, that almost guarantees engagement. My worlds collided this fall when Taylor Swift re-released her album Red and brands went crazy on social media in response to this release. It was fun and exciting to see brands and businesses I follow excited about something I was equally as excited about. Carrying that over in the next year can only help your business grow closer to your audience and generate more engagement. 

Finding trends can feel daunting, but really it’s as simple as scrolling through your feed or letting the talented team of Social Media Experts at LMC do that work for you. And of course make sure to be following our social media pages to be up to date on the latest trends. 


Influencer Marketing Grows in a Smaller Way

Sometimes influencer marketing can feel a little cheesy, but we’ve certainly seen that shift in the last few months and there is no doubt that we will see a BOOM in influencer marketing in 2022. The shift is multifaceted, but one thing, in particular, is most important: trust. Sure, we will still be seeing the mega-famous, perfectly-polished influencers promoting fit teas and hair care products, but micro-influencers are the next big thing

So, what in the world is a micro-influencer? They’re someone relatable, trustworthy, and promoting products they actually care about. Marketers will become much more strategic with their influencers in the coming year. We are already seeing it on Instagram and TikTok where an average person creates content like a cooking video or satisfying cleaning videos and brands are seeing their products already being used by these creators and offering partnership deals. This new look at influencer marketing is going to bring a much more authentic look and feel to influencer ads we are seeing in our feeds. 

One of my favorite micro-influencers is Corporate Natalie. Corporate Natalie won over the hearts of her audience by creating relatable content about working from home (which we were all doing in 2020). She made light of the situations so many TikTok users were in and jumped onto the trending audios, and when brands saw her following they began to capitalize. What started out as a funny outlet has landed Natalie partnerships with Puffs, Patchology, Rent the Runway, Aerie and so much more. 

This shift in influencer marketing makes it possible for smaller brands and businesses to cash in on one of the most effective ways to emotionally connect with their audiences in 2022. 


All of that to say, basically, don’t get caught flatfooted in 2022. While there is so much on the horizon, these are just a few of the things our Social Media Department here at LMC has our sights on. I see many more editions of The Social Sip in 2022, so keep your eyes peeled! Cheers and Happy New Year!