Articles written by: Social Media Director Erin has 5+ years of experience in the field of marketing with a focus on Social Media Marketing. She currently develops and manages social media marketing campaigns, integrates social media into clients’ overall business strategies and marketing plans for diverse clients, creates effective and persuasive content, and increases brand awareness and engagement for clients.

Our Review of Social Media Week Lima

August 11, 2023 3:40 pm   •••   By

If you work in social media marketing and did not attend Social Media Week Lima – you’re missing out! We heard from exceptional thought leaders in our industry and connected with many great like-minded individuals!
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Complaing about a problem without posing a solution is called whining. - Theodore Roosevelt

The Social Sip: What to Expect on Social Media in 2022

December 21, 2021 11:42 am   •••   By

One of the reasons I love social media is that it’s always changing and evolving. So, to stay ahead of the game, marketers need to check in with what we're going to continue to see take flight in 2022. Keep reading to see my predictions for the coming year … 
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Just working at the yellowest table in the world. No biggie.

The Social Sip: If You’re Not On LinkedIn, You’re Missing Out

November 19, 2021 4:44 pm   •••   By

It’s no secret that in the last year we’ve seen an increase in traffic on all social media platforms and LinkedIn is no exception. Sure, it’s fun to make goofy TikToks at work and post pictures of your weekly coffee run, but if you’re anything like LMC -- you’re doing far more grinding than your Facebook followers are seeing. LinkedIn is the perfect place to share that content. 
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The Social Sip: Instagram Reels

July 2, 2021 9:23 am   •••   By

Instagram Reels are a new way to consume video content while staying on the same Instagram app we know and love. We see day in and out that this type of vertical video content is gaining so much traction on every social media platform. It started with stories, then of course TikTok took over our hearts and lives (at least mine, that is).
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LMC Takes on Facebook Blueprint

May 4, 2021 2:09 pm   •••   By

Social media marketing is an ever-evolving industry, so we jumped in head-first and took the Facebook Blueprint Course. Learn more about what that means for our business and how we can help market yours.
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