Elkins-Randolph Tourism

ERT has been full steam ahead since its inception in 2018. Bridging the gap between travelers and the vibrant Randolph County community, ERT skillfully entices individuals from around the world to drop in for a visit. When LMC began the discussion about market research, brand development and website design, we knew that the organization’s look & feel would need a touch of authenticity to match the community profile.

Web Design
Web Design
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning

Challenges They Were Facing

  • Understanding behaviors & attitudes of core audiences
  • Brand identity
  • Brand awareness
  • Dynamic & fully functional website for visitors

Solutions We Provided

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Photo/Video


Results so far

  • An authentic web presence
  • A new marketable identity
  • Increased target audience’s awareness of Randolph County’s tourism opportunities
  • LMC was awarded a Silver ADDY Award for the design of this website

“We love how genuine and truthful our brand is. With the investment of an in-depth tourism study, this was truly a ground-up process that can benefit the entire county.”

Taira Landavere, Director of Marketing, Elkins-Randolph County Tourism

Graceland Inn

Market Research

Rome wasn’t built in a day – neither is a solid brand. By harnessing the power and data of a strong market research project, a tourism assessment study assisted in the formation of ERT’s solid foundation. LMC dug deep to lay the groundwork for brand development and utilized the research to pinpoint the audience and their interests and behaviors, along with design concepts, color palette options and a tagline that most resonated with them.


Design concepts for brand development were tested as part of the study. Overwhelmingly, those surveyed gravitated towards one logo and color palette.

The enclosed badge-style logo chosen is bold and rugged while showcasing a fun, handwritten tagline, “Authentic By Nature.” The logo paired with a denim blue and earthy clay color palette expresses Randolph County’s adventurous, one-of-a-kind nature.

Our goal was to develop a brand that is a geographical representation of Randolph County and communicates the very essence of the West Virginia travel experience. A new brand should convey a strong message and we are confident in this brand’s ability to strategically target visitors.

Elkins Randolph Tourism Style Guide

Elkins Randolph Tourism Style Tile


Web Design

An authentic web presence, along with a new marketable identity, increased the target audience’s awareness of Randolph County’s tourism opportunities, and also of ERT’s brand and website. With this, the organization became the go-to, trusted source for tourism information in the county. The website leverages insights from market research and brings authenticity to the brand’s story.

Purposeful video and immersive imagery bring Randolph County to life and support brand messaging. The platform makes it easy to promote seasonal content while keeping valuable trip planning information within reach.


Other Rad Site Features:

  • Events Calendar – for different businesses and organizations to submit tourism-related events
  • Interactive Video Gallery – to display thoughtfully crafted videos to inspire guests
  • Blog Page – equipped with entries written by residents of Randolph County to give guests a personal feel for what locals enjoy most about the place they call home







ERT Website

“We created this site with potential visitors in mind. We wanted them to see what beauty and authenticity this area has to offer and make their planning process effortless.”

Lori Chenoweth, Owner of LMC & Associates

Bemis, WV