Savannah Bodkin

Executive Assistant

Savannah brings a diverse skill set to Agency LMC, honed through academic pursuits in English and Professional Writing and Editing at West Virginia University. With experiences spanning social media, marketing, tourism, and publishing industries, she excels in crafting savvy and strategic content tailored to elevate any brand to its fullest potential. Savannah most loves championing West Virginia small-businesses with high-caliber and calculated social and marketing content, strategically crafted to maximize impact and reach.

As an Enneagram 2 wing 3—The Host, Savannah’s innate desire to support and empower shines through in her interactions with colleagues and clients alike, fostering genuine connections and driving collective successes. Deeply rooted in her heritage, Savannah’s family has called West Virginia home for more generations than she can count, infusing her work with a profound sense of community.

Outside the nine-to-five, though, her hands are happily full taking care of her baby boy as she embraces the adventure of motherhood (#BoyMom). You can also find her cheering on her favorite team—the Yankees—while on the thrilling quest to visit every MLB ballpark with her husband, Shane. Savannah generally just loves finding time to sprinkle confetti and revel in the simple joys that make life magical.

Coffee Order

Spicy Iced Chai Latte with Oat Milk and Cinnamon Syrup (IYKYK)

Favorite Emoji

Heart Hands


Savannah Bodkin