Lori Chenoweth
Articles written by: Owner/Senior Account Manager As the owner of LMC & Associates, Lori helps clients to generate creative, appropriate messages and get them produced and displayed in an impactful, cost-effective way. Collaborating with skilled designers, developers and more to meet the client’s need to stay on-time and on-budget is Lori’s specialty.

Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Marketing Strategy

May 9, 2022 10:08 am   •••   By

It’s no secret that healthcare organizations are complex and multi-faceted. But– they still share a similar goal – guide patients through their healthcare journey and keep them engaged with the health organization. Strategic healthcare marketing integrates omnichannel, segmented, and targeted digital and traditional tactics to accelerate growth, drive engagement and nurture patient and staff relationships. However, in the healthcare niche, it’s not always easy to follow the latest trends in marketing. It doesn’t help that the healthcare and marketing industries are changing rapidly. The ever-evolving healthcare landscape can present challenges to some marketers. For example, it’s essential to be careful [ ... ]
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Stop Throwing Darts: Invest in Market Research

January 12, 2022 3:25 pm   •••   By

Research is a no-brainer. We all know it can help refine a marketing strategy and significantly help to understand one’s market environment. In short, it can give you a foundation or springboard for your future marketing efforts. Without research, we’re just throwing darts and hoping to reach our target audiences based on assumptions. And just to keep things real—our clients have biases—and so do we as marketers. So if this is how you’re currently planning future marketing efforts, just know that it can create some big problems. Think of it this way … The moment a client begins to pay [ ... ]
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