Behind the Strategy: Barbour Behavioral Health

Get to know LMC and you’ll notice a similarity about many of our clients…

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We love being a part of keeping so many of our West Virginia communities healthy, and Barbour County is no exception.

A forward-thinking Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Barbour Community Health Association (BCHA) has a stand-out staff trained in cutting-edge techniques. To showcase the rapidly expanding behavioral health department, we developed an integrated video campaign to spread the word about these specialized services now available in the community.

Beginning with just one or two staff members, the team has since flourished into more than ten supporting staff members made up of licensed counselors, case managers, and psychologists who specialize in areas of neuro, parent-child, substance abuse, family counseling, just to name a few. This quick expansion of services within the behavioral health department was significant and with the addition of new providers, it was time to get patients into the clinic.

Challenges They Were Facing

Barbour Behavioral Health was in definite need of a marketing strategy to build top-of-mind awareness with the community and ultimately get patients into clinics to get the help they needed. At this point, BCHA’s overall marketing plan didn’t include behavioral health. A launch campaign was just what the organization needed to bring attention to this progressive team.

Solutions We Provided

LMC was quick to assist with BCHA’s behavioral health challenge thanks to a long-time partnership. LMC began working with BCHA in 2017, assisting them with organization re-naming, brand development, and on-going marketing support. In the past few years, BCHA has built up a reputable presence in the region and with a strong partnership in place it was simple to jump in and plan a strategic behavioral health launch campaign with a primary objective of increasing patient referrals from external sources.

So what did LMC do?

What we always do – we made a plan.

We began by drafting up a solid marketing plan that would attract BCHA’s core target audiences with objectives and tasks built to ensure their department goals were better met.

Our plan consisted of these projects

1. Custom Website Landing Page Design & Development with a Lead Form

To do this, LMC suggested that a customized landing page be built on the website to direct referral sources to. The landing page would showcase members of the team with bios and photos, as well as a lead capture form where potential patients and referrals can be captured for follow up.

2. Video Work Plan Development & Production Coordination

At this point in the plan, we knew we needed to inspire and tell a story. A work plan was drawn up for a video shoot, which had the theme of evolving healthcare in Barbour County. We wanted to capture these points:

  • That we were innovative and forward-thinking
  • Approachable and relatable
  • The organization is practicing dynamic healthcare in rural West Virginia by integrating primary care and behavioral health services

3. Targeted Paid & Organic Social Media Campaign Using Retargeting Strategies

Once the video was fine-tuned and approved, it was time to show it to the world. Using BCHA’s social media page, LMC utilized some of Facebook’s fanciest and strategic tools to retarget our audience and make the most of our paid media budget.

Facebook post for Behavioral Health page











So what did we accomplish?
Let us wow you.

Here are some pretty cool statistics we gathered:

  • With roughly 16,000 members in its target county population, we were stoked to see the video end up with over 58,000 views in its first month of running on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Website visits were up 65% compared to the same time period a year prior.
  • Total website page views were up 34% compared to the same time period a year prior.
  • Organic video views on Facebook were up 272% compared to the same time period a year prior.

Looking for a team of marketers to tell your story?

We’d love to work with you next.

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