If You’re Not On LinkedIn, You’re Missing Out

Just working at the yellowest table in the world. No biggie.

Picture this –

It’s 2014 and my first assignment for Intro to Communications is to create a LinkedIn profile that will be a crucial part of networking and finding a job post-graduation. I took my time creating and polishing my account for that class and then let it sit unattended until a year later when I applied for my first internship. 

Needless to say, I swiftly left LinkedIn behind for the more appealing Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Flash forward to the present day, where I find myself checking LinkedIn daily – just after my alarm goes off in the morning and several times throughout the day. It’s no secret that in the last year we’ve seen an increase in traffic on all social media platforms and LinkedIn is no exception. 

LinkedIn is thriving, everywhere.

According to the social media platform, they have 774 million+ users in 200+ countries and have 55 million+ companies using LinkedIn. In fact, three professionals sign up to join LinkedIn every second.

The boost in working remotely has people flooding LinkedIn either looking for new ventures or recruiting and networking for their current careers.

Marketers should be running to add LinkedIn to their strategic social media plans and we’ve got all the reasons why. 

Play Hard, Work Harder

Sure, it’s fun to make goofy TikToks at work and post pictures of your weekly coffee run, but if you’re anything like LMC — you’re doing far more grinding than your Facebook followers are seeing. LinkedIn is the perfect place to share that content. 

If a personal LinkedIn account is your resume in 2021 >> your business’ page is your business’ portfolio.

So – make sure you’re sharing your A-game. 

Also – networking is a HUGE part of LinkedIn and the perfect spot for you to find promising leads, partners, and new staff,  so it’s vital that you’re showing off all your best work. 

A Whole New World

For the most part, your LinkedIn audience is going to be completely different to your audiences on Facebook or Instagram. For example, our clients at Barbour Community Health Association recently launched a LinkedIn page specifically for their Behavioral Health team. The content shared on this platform is completely different from their Facebook content, because instead of talking to mothers and healthcare decision-makers, we’re talking to recent graduates who could be potential employees and specialists in the area who will see us and send us referrals. A new platform and a new audience mean we are expanding our reach that much further! 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If your business is on LinkedIn, your employees should be too. 

Chances are your employees have more combined connections than your business has followers. This gives you a prime opportunity to boost visibility of your business’ content. Having employees link to the business page allows their connections to discover your business and any time they engage with a company post, whether they’re liking or commenting, that activity shows up in the newsfeed of their connections, only furthering the reach of your post. 

Great for SEO

Google is basically the new word of mouth and making sure you’re ranking in search engines is crucial when it comes to having an edge over your competitors. Lucky for you, Google and other search engines rank LinkedIn company pages and posts highly in page results. Adding updates about products and services to your company page will only continue to optimize your SEO and improve your performance in search engine results – so talk about a win-win! 

While LinkedIn isn’t the right platform for every business, we’ve seen great client and personal growth on LinkedIn pages within the last year and are so ecstatic to see where the next year takes us on this platform. Our team of Social Media Experts would love to help audit your social presence to see if LinkedIn is right for your business – so get in touch with us today. 

As always, stay sipping on your favorite beverage and keep your eyes peeled for the next Social Sip!


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