Why Company Culture is an Important Part of Social Media Marketing

For the first time ever, marketers have access to a channel that allows a business to connect with their target audience one-on-one. Social media. A client, customer, patient, etc., can comment on your post and you are able to directly respond to them with a comment or message to speak with them. Social media has changed the game in how marketers communicate to their audiences. While this great tool allows us to position ourselves directly into our customers’ feeds, also comes the fact that people have learned how to block businesses and business content from their feeds. 

Back before Spotify Premium and paying extra for Hulu without ads, marketing could not be avoided. Now folks don’t have to watch as many commercials or listen to as many radio spots. Don’t even get me started on newspapers… Marketers are now working on being creative, cute and fun enough to make people want to see their content. 

That’s where social media comes in. People are naturally drawn to social media because it’s a place where they can connect with their friends and family. And you’re probably wondering, how can a business’ posts get traction when people are on social media to connect? How do you keep your business from being blocked, muted, unfollowed?

Easy, the key to a great social media presence for a business is to incorporate company culture in their content mix. Company culture is what makes your business unique and stand out against your competitors. So, what exactly is company culture?

What’s Company Culture?

Company culture is what makes your organization unique. What are the things around your business that make your workplace special? What things are important to you and your team that you think your audience would also enjoy? 

Maybe you treat your team to TipTop after finishing a big project. Maybe your team loves participating in trivia at Beander’s every Wednesday night. Maybe you all get together to walk dogs at the Randolph County Humane Society. Or maybe some of your employees are lifelong fans of Elkins High School basketball and live-streamed their games at the state tournament. These are all fun or important moments in life that your audience will respond well to, because they are things they care about.

LMC 123 & TipTop 125
We love our neighbors. Location is everything, but also, so is caffeine.

Why is it important to share Company Culture on Social Media?

So, you’re thinking, well why would anyone care about us getting coffee from our local shop? Or having dinner and a few drinks while playing trivia? Everyone was watching the state tournament this year, why would anyone want to see another post about someone watching it? Here are just a few reasons why adding company culture to your content mix elevates your social media strategy. 

Humanizes Your Business

Social media is exactly as it sounds, social. Your audience is on social media to connect with their friends and family, not to be constantly sold to. While we will still have our Call-to-Actions in our content mix, they can’t be every post. Peppering in company culture posts will humanize your business to your target audience. 

Humans are hardwired to be drawn to other humans, so seeing the faces of you or your employees that maybe your audience knows, is going to get people to stop scrolling and take a look at your post!

Company culture content gives your audience the chance to get to know you and your staff and what is important to your company. For example, at LMC we are all about coffee, pets, and spending time enjoying the outdoors here in West Virginia. So, a lot of our company culture posts are centered around trips to TipTop, our pets and sharing photos of our favorite outdoor adventures! 

Dogs and cats – living together – mass hysteria!
Dogs and cats – living together – mass hysteria!

Builds brand awareness 

Social media in general is a great place to build your brand awareness. And company culture posts will further that brand awareness. While a company culture post might not sell your audience on your services right away, that post will resonate with your audience members more than a call-to -action. For example, if you and your employees share a similar passion, like animals, and actively work with the Randolph County Humane Society in fundraising and adoption efforts, someone who shares that same love of animals is going to be more aware of your work with that organization and your organization. Meaning, once they are in need of your product or service, they will be more likely to think of your brand. And they’ll be more inclined to do business with your company. 

Attracts talent

It’s no secret that finding employees has become increasingly difficult. Being able to share your company culture online is a great way to attract talent. People are always telling me how fun it must be to work at LMC because we are always sharing our company culture on social media. The coffee trips and the funny TikToks show off just how fun it is to really work here! Sharing the fun that goes on inside your office is surely going to attract more talent to you when you are recruiting! 

Meeting at Agency LMC
Chasity Anderson (center) may never have applied to Agency LMC if we weren’t showing who we are on social media channels. We’re so glad we did, too. Chasity rules!

All of this to say, company culture is key not just in your day-to-day life in the office, but key to good social media content. Follow along with LMC for more ideas on how to post your own company culture on social media! 


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