The Center for Rural Health Development

We’re just going to say it…. We love partnering with The Center for Rural Health Development (CRHD).

From social media management to the development, implementation, and reporting of critical public health campaigns, and supporting their vast range of programs, we’ve been strengthening our working relationship with CRHD since 2019.

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As an organization that works to improve the health of West Virginians and strengthen West Virginia’s health care delivery system, especially in rural communities, CRHD stays busy ensuring West Virginians are informed about significant public health concerns.

It’s no secret that 2020 was a unique year for most organizations, and CRHD was no exception. With the spread of COVID-19 and a looming influenza season, it was more important than ever to get individuals to get their flu shots. Check out our work on the EveryOne Adds Up Flu Vaccination Campaign.

Challenges They Were Facing

  • Community members at risk of contracting COVID-19 and flu simultaneously
  • Protecting residents from vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Building top-of-mind awareness

With funding made possible through the West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN), a statewide coalition that envisions a future in which all West Virginians will be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases, CRHD needed a marketing strategy to build top-of-mind awareness in West Virginia and ultimately get community members to receive the influenza vaccination. In the fall of 2020, it was imperative to inform individuals of the risk of contracting COVID-19 and the flu at the same time. Therefore, a campaign was developed to bring attention to this dangerous developing situation.


Solutions We Provided

  • Branding
  • Custom Website Landing Page
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Targeted Media Campaign

Data Driven Results

  • A toolkit was created with 70+ campaign deliverables and made available to health care providers
  • Facebook ad impressions = 1,153,568
  • 4,618 campaign post engagements and clicks were obtained


PSA Still Flu SHot Landing Page

“Working with LMC has brought much needed expertise to our work. In addition to the flu campaign, LMC has assisted many of our programs and partners.”

Sharon Lansdale, President/CEO, Center for Rural Health Development, Inc.

Video Shoot Video Shoot

Multi-Faceted Plan

Conduct an Assessment Study – In order to assess existing audience knowledge, LMC suggested using primary market research to develop messaging and build a more strategic campaign. In addition to helping build the campaign, market research would also be used to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Develop Branding Campaign – LMC provided creative concepts and rationale for the suggested paid media and social media campaigns designed to create awareness of the need for the influenza vaccine as well as increase West Virginians’ intent to receive the influenza vaccine.

Custom Website Landing Page Design – To do this, LMC suggested that a customized landing page be built on the wvruralhealth.org website to direct individuals to. The landing page showcased creative campaign elements, educational blog pieces, a toolkit for health care professionals, and included an embedded “Vaccine Finder” which gave visitors the ability to search for influenza vaccine providers in their area.

Video Work Plan Development, Social and Paid Media, Print Coordination

Because of the incredibly personal decision vaccination is, we knew we needed to inspire this audience and tell a story. A work plan was drawn up for a video shoot, which had the theme of “EveryOne Adds Up”- a dual meaning regarding social responsibility and herd immunity. A :30 broadcast spot would be produced with several 0:15 – 0:60 social media cuts edited to help support the campaign in partnership with our friends at Mtn Craft Productions.

Implement Strategic Paid and Organic Social Media Plan – Once the video was fine-tuned and approved, LMC was able to focus on developing and implementing the paid and organic social media plan consisting of paid media, search engine marketing, and social activities. The objective of this social plan would be to drive advertising and social communications to the campaign’s landing page in order to measure specific click-through actions. To control the flow of information and to educate the target audience strategically, LMC suggested using a content matrix using a mix of media such as blogs, videos, testimonies, etc. This would not only create content but allow LMC to strategically distribute it through a flow starting with inspiration and entertainment to education and finally convince individuals to receive the influenza vaccine.

Create Earned Media – LMC worked with CRDH to develop a custom statewide media distribution list to increase awareness and education of the flu vaccination campaign through several different forms of earned media.

Produce Supporting Printed Materials – To support the campaign, LMC produced campaign stickers that were distributed to vaccine sites across the state to help create awareness of the campaign.

Implement a Strategically Targeted Paid Media Plan – LMC utilized various media outlets statewide to promote the awareness campaign and increase the intent to get vaccinated. We blanketed the state in terms of saturation, with particular placement of digital and more traditional forms of media using broadband access as a guide.