Barbour Community Health Association

What do you get when you merge two medical clinics and three wellness centers under one parent company? You get the Barbour Community Health Association (BCHA) brand family … and a whole lot of work to do.

In 2016, when the Belington Medical Clinic and Myers Clinic merged, they created the Barbour Community Health Association. Not only operating the Belington and Myers clinics, but also the Belington Wellness Center, Brandon Wellness Center, and AB Wellness Center, there was an immediate need to create one brand under which the entire BCHA could operate.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning
Web Design
Web Design
Social Media
Social Media
Professional Writing
Professional Writing

Challenges They Were Facing

  • Identifying each site under one parent company
  • Engagement with patients
  • Communication between sites
  • Creating and maintaining company culture
  • Lacking a social media presence

Solutions We Provided

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Planning & Implementation
  • Photography/Videography
  • Email Marketing
  • Professional Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Search Engine Marketing

Results so far

  • Communicate the relationship BCHA has with each clinic
  • Provided consistent branding
  • Increased awareness of BCHA locations & services
  • Increased SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Positioned BCHA as an expert in healthcare

Barbour Health

There was an immediate need to create one brand under which the entire Barbour Community Health Association organization could operate.


LMC’s relationship with BCHA began in the Spring of 2017 when we worked closely with Eric Ruf, CEO to develop and launch a brand that all staff and board of directors approved of – one that would give them a reputable presence in their region and make them the trusted go-to organization for healthcare needs.

We wanted to create a clean, easy-to-read, modern brand that would allow for a complete logo system to be executed. Logo systems are commonly used for brands that have a parent association and smaller offices that branch out from the parent brand. This allows for easy recognition and relation of the branches as being a part of the parent brand, creating brand continuity and equity.

BCHA Logos

Social Media

To improve communication with patients, we strengthened their social media presence by annual, monthly, and weekly planning, as well as integrating Google My Business in addition to the already existing Facebook platform.


Communication Between Sites

Communication with staff both internally and between sites was a weakness. They needed a way to talk to everyone at one time, so we started a monthly e-newsletter for staff that kept them in the loop of what was going on at each site. We also encouraged staff to “Like” BCHA’s Facebook page as another way to stay tuned in to news and events. In turn, this also helped to establish a cohesive company culture among the organization.


To help spread awareness of BCHA’s services and programs, LMC suggested that video assist in the delivery of stories. Based on the conversations with staff, it was understood that their providers share a unique and personal connection with their patients. LMC suggested that they leverage those relationships and showcase various stories from around the services and programs they offer.


Professional Writing

LMC also began regular blogging to help to further spread awareness of the organization’s services.

We also help them to:

  • Increase SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Create content that has a lifelong span
  • Create shareable content
  • Become an expert in healthcare

Print Collateral

We also created a stationery suite for BCHA that includes:

  • brochures
  • letter heads
  • envelopes
  • business cards
  • pocket folders