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Omni Associates – Architects is an architecture firm that values its clients, meeting project deadlines, and creating innovative architectural designs. An outdated online presence and lack of marketing strategy meant Omni was missing opportunities to set itself apart from competitors and get in front of potential clients.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning
Web Design
Web Design

Challenges They Were Facing

  • Inconsistent branding
  • Lack of clear strategy for marketing efforts
  • An outdated website that did not reflect their brand
  • Perceptions/awareness in the marketplace for their services and talents

Entrusting LMC to guide the company forward with its marketing efforts was Omni’s first step toward success. The journey began in 2020, first with a Strategy Session to develop a strategic marketing plan. From this marketing plan came several key projects. First, a fundamental brand refinement that set the stage for the next phase–an impactful project that would take their online presence to another level – next the design and development of a custom website.

Naturally, LMC was ecstatic about the opportunity to transform Omni’s website, showcase its portfolio of projects, and effectively communicate its architectural services to its target audience.

Solutions We Provided

  • Conducted a Strategy Session
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development
  • Brand Refinement
  • Custom Website Design + Development

Results so far

  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased time spent on the website

Omni Associates Architects Cabin Omni Collage

Omni’s custom website elevated the firm’s digital persona, generated user interest, and featured some of its finest architectural projects.

Omni.design Omni Associates Architects - Omni.Design

Strategic Plan Development

As a Strategy-First agency, LMC met with Omni to dig deep into their company and learn more about their services, overall business goals + objectives, and where they stood with current marketing efforts.

Based on the Strategy Session, LMC identified target markets primarily focusing on West Virginia and Southwest Pennsylvania and secondary markets in other states where the firm is licensed.

LMC developed a comprehensive marketing plan from this Strategy Session – essentially a living document to review with Omni and use as a guide for marketing efforts. Two important pieces came out of the marketing plan, a Brand Refinement + Custom Website Design and Development project.

Brand Refinement

For Omni, this refinement wasn’t just about unifying existing elements; it established a much-needed foundation for the firm, which was key for future marketing projects like their custom website.

Omni struggled with inconsistent branding across various mediums, impacting its identity both internally and externally. Here at LMC, we know consistency is key to nurturing audience trust, building recognition in the marketplace, and standing out amongst competitors.

Omni Associates Architects Branding

“To align with Omni’s mission, the line animation on the website mimics architectural blueprints, reinforcing their brand identity. This website will undoubtedly serve as a valuable asset in highlighting Omni’s exceptional work.”

Lori Chenoweth, Owner and Vision & Strategy Director, Agency LMC

Omni Associates Architects Building