Webster County Tourism

Webster County Tourism gives us all the feels… it’s rugged and a little off the beaten path, full of outdoor adventure (with over 65,000 acres of the Monongahela National Forest lying within its borders – we’re not kidding), and is packed to the brim with history and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Webster County doesn’t have an official CVB, so all efforts to promote tourism are funded through the Webster County Economic Development Authority (WCEDA). LMC partnered with the WCEDA to assist them with capturing tourists that were missing Webster County as a destination to some of the better-known rivals (with bigger marketing budgets) close by such as Summersville, New River Gorge and Snowshoe Mountain.

Social Media
Social Media
Web Design
Web Design
Professional Writing
Professional Writing

Challenges They Were Facing

  • Brand identity
  • Communicating events
  • Top of mind awareness
  • Content strategy

Solutions We Provided

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Social Media Planning & Implentation
  • Blog Writing

Results so far

  • Increased social media engagement
  • Increased social media reach
  • Increased web traffic


We knew Webster Tourism needed to speak to the right audience – on the right platforms – to better capture potential visitors.


As a Strategy-First agency, LMC met with Omni to dig deep into their company and learn There’s nothing quite like starting with a blank canvas. When developing the brand, LMC got a chance to create the personality and image of the organization. We think we succeeded in giving them a modern, adventurous look that signifies what makes Webster County unique. Once we established the brand identity we pushed on and began developing a website.

Webster County Tourism

Web Design

Equipped with a stellar brand, LMC took Webster’s new identity and jumped right into website development. Webster County is home to countless shops, lodging options, eateries and outdoor attractions, many of which lack a digital presence on their own. The Economic Development Authority knew that in order for visitors to plan a trip, this website would need to house information about these local amenities for them to review their getaway options.

The Webster County Tourism website puts many local businesses and attractions on the map.

Other Rad Site Features:

Webster County Tourism Website

Social Media

Webster County struggled to attract visitors to the region. While LMC created a newly developed brand and website, there was a huge marketing piece missing to move the brand forward and increase traffic to its website – it needed a social media presence that encompassed the brand and Webster’s attractions, lodging and more.

LMC provides on retainer social media management services for Webster County Tourism to reach potential visitors, promote events, and market its attractions, lodging and restaurants.

Social Media Services We Provide Them

  • Develop a social media strategy plan that defined target audiences, solidified objectives, and developed an action plan with tactics.
  • Develop an editorial calendar planned six weeks in advance revolving around peak seasons.
  • Measure page and post engagement, track insights, website traffic, and overall page success through analytic reporting and optimizing future efforts accordingly.

Webster County Tourism Facebook page

Professional Writing

Webster County Tourism needed consistent and strategic content creation to elevate the perception of their brand and destination. With its newly developed brand and website, it lacked exposure and website traffic. Tourism attractions, lodging options, and other opportunities were immense, and an outlet was needed to share interviews, shopping and restaurant spotlights, event schedules, town itineraries, and road trip guides to tourists.

LMC partnered with Webster to identify and create story angles for target audiences. LMC created a robust content calendar integrating a blogging platform and social media. Stories, blogs, itineraries and related content were developed and distributed to target audiences. These consumable, helpful blogs were easy to understand, relevant to the target audience, and shareable.

Some tactics we used:

  • Capitalize on trending topics and news.
  • Utilize internal links to encourage the reader to explore other website pages.
  • Increase SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Share blogs to Webster’s social pages and appropriate social media groups, track engagement and clicks on the website.


Webster County Tourism Social Post

From developing a stand-out brand and custom website, to perfecting their social media presence and blog writing, we’ve put Webster County on the map and given them the green-light to show off their adventurous side.