Lori Chenoweth

Vision & Strategy Director, Senior Account Manager

Meet Lori, the driving force behind Agency LMC, where she serves as Owner and Vision & Strategy Director. With her unique blend of creativity and foresight, Lori crafts marketing goals that propel businesses to success. She’s the architect of compelling messaging and cost-effective strategies, ensuring her clients stand out in any crowd.

Away from the office, Lori’s life is a whirlwind of activity. She enjoys cooking for her family and cherishes moments with her son, Wyatt, engaging in endless rounds of Lego-building, Mario gaming, and soccer matches. An avid lover of large dogs, Lori spends lots of quality time with Vega, her Bernese Mountain Dog.

With nearly 20 years of experience as an account lead, Lori has honed her expertise in organic and paid social media, strategic planning, brand management, PR, marketing budget development and management, video production and oversight, and more—all to ensure LMC clients consistently achieve their organizational and strategic marketing objectives.

Fueled by strategy—and coffee, Lori perpetually seeks new avenues for agency growth and success.

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Lori Chenoweth