4 Thoughts on Healthcare Marketing

We partner with many healthcare clients across the state…

from Charleston to Parkersburg to Morgantown. These clients come in all shapes and sizes, with varying budgets and unique needs.

Coffee in hand, the LMC team has conjured up flu vaccination campaigns, strategized an integrated behavioral health program launch, developed and storyboarded many video shoots, and promoted our fair share of statewide health and wellness initiatives. While COVID-19 has presented many challenges for the industry, the need for strategic and effective healthcare marketing is more important than ever.

Healthcare workers have been working tirelessly, and LMC has adapted alongside them, continuing to support and provide timely and crucial marketing services to educate and inform patients to keep West Virginia communities healthy and safe.

With over fifteen years of healthcare marketing experience, LMC’s Senior Account Manager Rachel Phillips gives us some rock-solid insight to healthcare marketing that allows for authentic and positive brand experiences.

Read the latest from Rachel below:

  1. Keep Conversing

    Healthcare marketing is a constant conversation between providers and patients. Many do not seek healthcare until they need it, so there are two ever-present goals: education and top-of-mind awareness.

  2. Trust

    Healthcare providers tend to already be viewed as an expert and are in one of the “most trusted” professions. Other industries and services spend years and top dollar trying to build trust. Healthcare providers get to skip a step. As a marketer, simply get in front of patients and potential patients and begin to educate. Many, many marketers aren’t taking advantage of this implied trust.

  3. Stay Relatable

    This applies to the entire patient experience. Not just as a provider but the entire organization. Don’t assume you know your audience and consider performing some research to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent.

  4. Mix it Up

    When it comes to content, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Content-type and subject matters. From testimonial videos to infographics, a diverse use of content can lead potential patients through the “sales funnel.” Aim to inspire & entertain them with different pieces of video content, then educate and persuade with a blog or infographic. We’ve noticed these simple, yet important takeaways from a healthcare marketing perspective. Just remember that communication is key. From consistent messaging to relatable content, the conversation between clinic and patient is vital.

If you’re looking for a new perspective on healthcare marketing, let’s get together and talk strategy!

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