How We Build Websites


We build websites to be proud of.

These aren’t your typical template, cookie-cutter, or DIY websites. Your business is unique and your website should be too. That’s why we build custom websites, from the ground up.

We dig deep into your business to determine what your website needs to accomplish. That way you’ll have a solid, uncluttered site that’s ready from the get-go that is scalable, adaptable and user-friendly.

Like all things LMC – when it comes to building rad websites, we have a distinct, tried-and-true process in place.

It starts something like this…

1. Site Architecture

Discovery Session

This is where we take a deep dive into your business or organization. We want to listen to the heartbeat of your company and gain a better understanding of the following:

  • your short-term goals
  • your long-term goals
  • who you are
  • who you’re wanting to attract
  • what your company provides

In this stage, you’ll get an opportunity to share what sites you dig and the ones you’d pass on, which assists us as we continue forward in the process.

LMC Onboarding Questionnaire

Audit Your Competitors

Any LMC project is incomplete without a research component. Our website development team takes the time to scour the internet to audit your competitors’ web presence. We aim to outshine all competitors at the completion of the project. Another layer of research is analyzing industry-leaders’ websites. This allows us to evaluate the features and functionality of similar industry websites and determine what’s standard.

Site Map Development

A Site Map is the skeleton of your website. In this stage, we get down to the nitty-gritty of the desired pages for your site. We take into account the structure and relationship of your pages and how the website user will navigate and explore once they reach your site.

With the Site Architecture nailed down and the foundation in place, it’s time to head into the fun stuff – design.

2. Site Design

Looks Matter

It’s time to establish a look and feel for your website – one that stands out, is modern and functions without a hitch. Most often, your website’s Homepage is your users’ first impression of you. And trust us – you want to look good.

Homepage Design

Our first step in Site Design is Homepage Design. Using information and research established in our Site Architecture phase and our trusty Site Map, we mockup a Homepage. Have no fear, this is really just a first draft – from here we welcome edits and feedback so we achieve exactly what you’re wanting before we get any further into design.

Content Pages Design

Next, we’ll begin to design interior Content Pages. You guessed it, we’ll share this mockup with you as well to make sure everything’s to your satisfaction before continuing to add any additional page designs.

Carter Roag Landing Page Design

If you haven’t noticed, you’re pretty involved in all this design stuff. When you’re happy, we’re happy and only at that point do we head into the next step of the process – Site Development.

3. Site Development

This is when we’re working on getting things set up and running, such as the Development Server & a WordPress Content Management System. With these systems in place, your website will be ready to store the awesome content it needs to attract the attention of your web visitors. Many users will view your site from their desktop computer, but equally as important will be building out mobile menus and ensuring website visitors have a great experience scrolling your site via their smartphone.


Next we’ll work on integration, specifically for social media, widgets, and any third-party plugins you’re wanting to enhance your site.

4. Content

Bill Gates wasn’t wrong when he said “Content is King”. It’s true. Utilizing the right content for your website will attract the right people. During our Content phase of the process, we’re working to help you do just that – choose effective content. Throughout the Content Creation & Development stage, we’re determining photos, graphics, videos, and copy that is most strategic for your new site.

Keeping It Fresh

Once we’ve got everything where we want it, we’ll train you on how to make content edits to the site so you can keep things fresh and relevant. Our Content Management System Training is offered in-person or virtually – this is when we’ll train you on how to switch out that outdated photo or video for one that highlights your new service or product, or change the hours/address to reflect the changing seasons. We train you, but we don’t leave you hanging. You’ll receive a WordPress guide from us that will walk you through the exact training, and be a resource you’ll refer to need-be. And don’t forget – LMC is only an email/phone call away if you have questions.

Next, we’ll get your content populated, formatted, and proofed on your website – or, if you have the time and paid attention during our last step, be independent and populate it yourself.

Fun fact, we’ll set you up for success by integrating Google Analytics into your website. Use this feature to track website visitors, where they live, if they’re using desktop/mobile/tablet, and your top pages – because the more you know, the better you can market to them.

Test and Then Test Again

Okay, we’re getting really close. The last steps involve some LMC concentration, a.k.a. Quality Assurance Testing. During this step we make sure your website checks out in different web browsers, makes sure links aren’t broken and are directed to where they need to go, content is generated quickly and copy is spelled correctly.

Once your website passes a thorough LMC inspection and you give us the final thumbs-up, we’re ready to launch.

5. Site Launch

It’s time to show your new website to the world. And while you might be prepared to spread the word, just know that we can assist with this as well. From distributing a press release, organizing an event, to developing a launch plan on social media, we can get your website in front of the right eyes.

So how long does this process take?

Generally, building a custom website takes us 6-8 weeks. As you now know, be prepared to participate. You are a valuable contributor to the process. Usually, we’re quite modest, but we have to mention that this process has resulted in some pretty cool websites (and a few awards) over the years – you should check out our friend Elkins-Randolph County Tourism’s site.

Interested in creating a custom website for your business?

Let’s talk!

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