Our Favorite Podcasts

We take our work days pretty seriously here at LMC…

but when we’re not hard at work storyboarding for a rural health video campaign, knee-deep in a website design project, or developing social media workshops for the local Chamber of Commerce, the LMC team has also been known to keep busy in their free time.

Multi-taskers at heart, our daily commute, workout of the day or morning routine is usually paired with a few of our favorite podcasts. And believe us when we say we can’t get enough of these informative, inspirational and educational snippets of our day.

If you haven’t heard, Sept. 30th is recognized as Podcast Day – and since we love any excuse to celebrate a social media holiday, LMC & Associates is participating by sharing some of our tried and true favorites.

Check them out below:

Anything Michael Hyatt • Lori Chenoweth • Account Manager

What it’s about: These podcasts are for productive people or those that want to be. Michael and his team deliver products, podcasts, tools and training to help busy business leaders become laser focused and driven to achieve their goals.

Why Lori loves it: Between acting as a Senior Account Manager, business owner and family gal – I have lots of people and jobs to juggle. Michael’s tools and tips have greatly increased my productivity and helped me to prioritize from the day to day to the broader yearly view.


Best Hour of Their Day • Rachel Phillips • Account Manager

What it’s about: They cover topics that are CrossFit based, but can be applied to many other aspects of entrepreneurship like marketing, culture, finance, and mindset.

Why Rachel loves it: The format is conversational. Sometimes there are guests; it’s always different. The hosts are funny and unscripted, hold nothing back, yet they are open to discussing all points of view and welcoming to opinions. It is a great 30-60 minutes of my day. I’ve caught up on almost all of these and check daily for new ones.


Crime Junkie • Hannah Snyder • Social Media Manager

What it’s about: Crime Junkie is a weekly true crime podcast dedicated to giving you your crime fix. Every Monday, Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat will tell you about whatever crime they’ve been obsessing over that week in a way that sounds like you’re sitting around talking about crime with your best friends. The storytelling is straightforward and free of rabbit holes, so the cases stay suspenseful and easy to follow. If you can never get enough true crime you should check out this podcast. You’ll become a Crime Junkie in no time!

Why Hannah loves it: I grew up loving all of the crime shows, fiction or nonfiction – Law and Order, NCIS, True Crime, etc. Counter Clock and Park Predators are also produced by Audiochuck and they are also on my downloaded podcast lists every week. I have found myself obsessed with these Audiochuck crime podcasts – driving to and from work on the daily, they keep me entertained. The podcasts are easy to follow and keep you on your toes. Give them a listen – you’re sure to get full body chills at least one time per episode.


Up First & Social Media Examiner • Samantha Helman • Junior Account Manager

What it’s about: Up First is an NPR news podcast that keeps me up to date first thing in the morning. This podcast is a quick one and covers some of the top news stories in less than twenty minutes, but it’s a great way to start the day. You can tune in Monday through Saturday – the podcast airs at 6am.

Social Media Examiner is a great marketing podcast for social media marketers. Michael Stelzner hosts and shares the microphone with some of the top marketers in the industry once a week and gives expert tips and strategies that you can use to improve your marketing.

Why Samantha loves them: I think it’s important to stay informed and aware of current events and I love that Up First is short and right to the point. When I’m getting ready for work or first logging in and sorting through my email, it’s nice to spend 15 minutes of my morning learning about present affairs. The insight gleaned from the Social Media Examiner podcast is extensive. This 45-minute podcast covers ALL platforms of social media and gets into the nitty gritty facets of each one. Social media is constantly evolving and it’s a full-time job just to keep up – Social Media Examiner makes it easy AND fun to keep learning from marketing experts around the world.


The GaryVee Audio Experience • Brianna Evans • Social Media Assistant

What it’s about: With episodes of the #AskGaryVee Show, highlights from his #DailyVee documentary video series, keynote speeches on marketing and business, interviews, fireside chats, and insights to the current and ever-evolving thoughts from the marketing and entrepreneur mastermind himself, Gary Vaynerchuk lets listeners into his fast-paced, creative, and productive world through this daily podcast. Gary is driven by the priceless value he creates for listeners by being transparent and sharing so much of what he knows about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Why Brie loves it: I listen to Gary Vee is because he always encourages listeners to share their own story, move fast but be patient, be grateful, and above all, choose happiness. He helps me realize the value of my ideas and thoughts, that I am the author of my life, and that no matter what path I take, happiness is the ultimate goal. Listening to Gary always sparks this internal motivation in me to get up and execute on my ideas – and at this point, I’ve listened to him so many times that I can literally hear his voice in my head if I’m feeling unmotivated or uncertain. If you haven’t yet, go give this podcast, or any of Gary’s content a listen!


Token CEO • Erin Brown • Social Media Manager

What it’s about: Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports, gives a look into what it’s like to be the CEO. The topics of each episode range from current news to business strategy and always has a wide range of guests.

Why Erin loves it: I had first heard Erika Nardini’s story on another podcast I listened to and loved hearing about how she made her way to be a CEO of a company that has grown rapidly over the past few years. You can tell that she is really down to earth and relatable. Her guests range from big names like Erin Andrews to a lot of her 20-something-year-old staff members and even interns. You can see she really values their opinions and input and it’s just a really unique podcast! And her sponsors give out really good coupon codes – like really good!


We hope these podcasts can help kickstart your love for podcasts or perhaps you add one or two (or all of them) to your favorites list. Whatever the case, enjoy Podcast Day by getting up to date with national news, listen to comedians banter or learn about history facts you never knew!

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