LMC Takes on Meta Blueprint: Part 2

Oops … we did it again.

No, seriously, we did! Our Social Media Department passed another Meta Blueprint (formerly known as Facebook Blueprint) exam with flying colors.

Our Social Media Team is always on the hunt for the latest trends, strategies, and any extra information that will keep us ahead of the pack. So, when we’re not chugging coffee and planning stellar social calendars, we’re chasing ways to strengthen our social media marketing skills.

Basically, we’re social media geniuses—and we have the certifications to prove it.

But really, though, what does this mean for our team and our clients? Let us break it down for you.

What is Meta Blueprint?

Blueprint is Meta’s (or Facebook’s) resource guide to provide modular learning for individuals who want to develop a strong foundation around its advertising platforms and user base.

The Blueprint certification exams are targeted at digital marketers looking to become proficient in using Facebook advertising services across all Meta-owned platforms. There are eight certifications you can take through Facebook. Visit the Meta Blueprint website to learn more about the specific levels that set users apart from others in the social media marketing field.

What did you learn?

(in the Professional 300-level Certified Creative Strategy Meta Blueprint exam)

According to Meta Blueprint, “This certification tested on advanced competency in the strategic skills needed to develop insight-driven creative briefs, inspire and improve the impact of mobile creative, and drive better results on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.”

That means our department now has even more knowledge to back our client’s social campaigns that will, in turn, drive better results—and use budgets more strategically—for those results. Talk about a win-win.

In addition, Meta Blueprint certifications are the only accredited certifications on these social apps that are recognized in the social media industry, which looks pretty dang awesome for the LMC team.

With this family of Meta apps changing so often, it’s crucial for us to learn all the ins and outs of the popular platforms—and what works best. Since the majority of all businesses now use social media to connect with their community and audiences, we want to stay sharp on all trends and strategies so our clients can continually get the best and most knowledgeable social media marketers in the game.

Why did our agency choose to take this exam?

We take learning seriously around here, so much so, we have individual personalized training plans for each LMC employee. In the ever-changing social media landscape, we have to stay cutting-edge.

We are invested in our employees and know that a continuous learning program enables us to provide new skills and ideas, stay up-to-date with trends, and create an environment where learning is not only rewarded but championed, too.

LMC is focused on continuing education opportunities like this one, so we knew we wanted our team to take this course and exam right away. And knowing that Meta’s family of apps are some of the most used platforms that are evolving constantly, these certifications were definitely crucial for our Social Media Department. These certifications and the information we learned will help us stay competitive and on top of these social media giants.

Receiving these certifications will also make all the difference for our clients and their results when we plan and develop their social media strategies. We have the desire to keep strengthening our skills so we’re better prepared for the future and new and upcoming trends. This, in turn, also builds a culture of continuous learning and improvement in every aspect of our respective roles.

Bottom-line, how will this help our clients?

As LMC continues to manage social media strategies for clients, the Social Media Department will use this information to drive better results in campaigns for clients and businesses. The certification and course lead to a better understanding of media plans and the ability to build, manage, measure, and optimize campaigns.

“We’ve seen some really great returns for clients using ads on social media, but if you’re not sure how to optimize the ads correctly it can end up very costly,” says Erin Brown, LMC Social Media Director.

By having these additional skills and credentials, we feel more confident than ever in navigating our clients’ social media platforms. Having this newfound knowledge can also help us pitch new ideas, enhance current strategies, and better sort out what is and isn’t working for our clients.

There is so much to learn as social media marketing is an ever-evolving industry. But luckily for our clients, we’re dedicated to grabbing every learning opportunity that comes our way.

And as we say, here at LMCAlways Be Learning. Stay tuned for more continuing education certificates that our team will be sure to tackle again soon.

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