Community development in our backyard.

Born from the Randolph County Housing Authority, Woodlands Development Group has been dedicated to serving communities since 1995. Woodlands seeks to improve housing development and neighborhoods, redevelop downtowns, and plan community facilities and spaces.

When Woodlands reached out to our team, they had just been featured in the New York Times for their rural community development work throughout West Virginia. For our rustic community, this was a pretty big deal.

However, staff was not keen to share their website and brand with such a large audience and garner national attention. LMC was able to identify key marketing objectives and actionable tasks to help Woodlands guide their marketing efforts, while making them more comfortable with the notoriety that national attention can bring. Two immediate projects were recommended including a brand refresh and new website to showcase their impactful work and stories with the world.

Together, LMC and Woodlands fine-tuned a stale, existing brand into a top-notch one and a website that’s as stunning as it is functional.

Best of all, it allows Woodlands to celebrate their wins with style.

Strategic Planning


Web Design