Hannah Snyder
Articles written by: Account Manager Hannah has 2+ years of Account Management experience with a degree in Business Management from Davis & Elkins College. She joined LMC in September of 2019. She is our on staff photographer. Hannah works with diverse LMC clients on their social media marketing plans, executing business and marketing strategies appropriately. Using different social media platforms she increases brand awareness, engagement, and customer service for clients.

Time Management Takeaways: Hannah Snyder

September 1, 2022 12:46 pm   •••   By

Being an account manager at LMC means that most days, I have a lot on my plate. From social media skeletons to drafting video shoot schedules and planning content visits to staying atop marketing trends – you can probably conclude that time is a valuable resource for me as an account manager. Mornings quickly turn into the afternoon, days into weeks, and weeks into months.  But, juggling clients and project timelines are all in a day’s work for me. Staff at LMC wake up in Spring, leaves just budding on the trees, and before we know it, the Mountain State [ ... ]
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