Written by: Social Media Director

The importance of immunization has never been more crucial. Immunization not only safeguards one’s individual health but also protects the entire community, creating a shield of immunity against diseases such as the flu, HPV, and COVID-19. 

Yet, achieving widespread immunization is not solely dependent on the availability of vaccines…  education, outreach, and communication strategies are equally important. 

Enter Agency LMC. No stranger to healthcare marketing and communications, LMC has developed and implemented marketing plans and campaigns, managed social media, public relations, and website design and development projects for numerous partners. 

For National Immunization Awareness Month, we’ve decided to share some of our recent work with a health care partner that has moved the needle in West Virginia vaccination rates and education. 

Get to know our partner, The Center for Rural Health Development, and our most recent strategic immunization campaigns by reading on.

The Center for Rural Health Development (CRHD) strives to not only improve the health and wellness of West Virginians but also to strengthen West Virginia’s health care delivery system, especially in rural communities. Because rural communities present their own unique challenges and needs when it comes to health care, CRHD stays busy ensuring West Virginians are informed about public health concerns, especially during critical times. 


Influenza Immunization Campaign 

In 2020, CRHD experienced a year like no other, just like many other organizations. The global spread of COVID-19 and the upcoming influenza season made it imperative for individuals to receive their flu shots, emphasizing the crucial need for vaccination.

Thanks to the support of the West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN), a statewide coalition dedicated to preventing vaccine-preventable illnesses in West Virginians, CRHD had the funding needed to implement a marketing campaign to establish top-of-mind awareness across the state and encourage community members to receive the influenza vaccination.

To emphasize the risks associated with contracting both COVID-19 and the flu simultaneously, LMC developed and launched the “EveryOne Adds Up” integrated campaign that focused customized messaging and content on targeting niche audiences, including at-risk populations such as pregnant women, elderly individuals, workplace and school-based decisionmakers and leaders. 

Our campaign encompassed the following marketing solutions:

  • Campaign Branding
  • Custom Website Landing Page
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Targeted Media Campaign

To read more about this campaign, check out our case study–we go in-depth on tactics, results, and most of all…strategy. 

HPV Immunization Campaign

It’s no secret–being a parent is hard. Between potty training and teaching the importance of sharing or hygiene, The last thing a parent wants to think about is their child having sex… especially when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases like the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).  

To support the American Academy of Pediatrics with its goal to increase HPV vaccination rates in rural West Virginia, CRHD stepped in to bridge the gap. CRHD partnered with LMC to create a strategy that would talk directly to parents and guardians about the benefits of immunization: cancer prevention, the importance of vaccination in males, and the earlier vaccination occurs the better. 

Our campaign encompassed the following marketing solutions:

  • Campaign Branding
  • Custom Website Landing Page
  • Social Media Campaign 
  • Collateral Development 
  • Content Strategy Plan

Our strategic HPV Social Media Graphics won us a Tactic Crystal Award, while the HPV Poster Collateral won us an Award of Merit through the West Virginia Public Relations Society of America. Check out the award-winning assets below:



Final Thoughts

The success of these campaigns highlights the vital role of effective communication and marketing in promoting immunization. When it comes to creating awareness for public health initiatives and improving community health outcomes, strategy should always come first. 

Want to collaborate? Let’s talk about how LMC can help your organization ensure a healthier and safer future for all. Reach out to us today!